Catering Amenities

We have a select group of Preferred Caterers that has been chosen based on our Function Coordinators’ past historical experience. In addition we have a Pantry with an institutional size warming oven and refrigerator, stainless steel serving table, and sink for washing/rinsing.

There is a Service Bar located in the hallway just outside the Great Hall on the 2nd floor.

And there is a complementary Belmont Springs Water Dispenser located on the 2nd floor.


We only disclose summary information for our Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Functional Expenses. Please see our 990 form for further details, which is filed with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office.

Handicap Access

We have a ramp from our parking lot into the first floor at the front of the building. We have an Elevator that provides access to the 2nd floor Great Hall. The Elevator can only be used with a trained operator. If your Affiliate Group doesn’t have a trained operator the group must pay for a host supplied by the Foundation.

Lifetime Members

Lifetime members are contributors who have made at least $750 in cumulative donations to the Foundation.

Magnolia trees

There are 3 beautiful Magnolia trees that were planted when the building was restored that are located next to the building.

Non-profit foundation

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. All donations are charitable tax deductions. Donations are critical to our ability to provide a meeting place for our Affiliate Groups at a very reasonable cost to these Groups. It costs over $50,000 annually to maintain and operate the Center. Please contact us if you need our tax-exempt legal status confirmed.


The Community Center does not own the parking spaces located in the front of the building. The Unitarian Church, next door, generously donates their parking spaces for use by the Center. All large events must first be pre-approved by the Church prior to confirming an event. Our Function Coordinator will do this so please refrain from contacting the Church. We also have access to other parking spaces that are described in the attached parking map. Depending on circumstances our Function Coordinator may provide specific instructions on where to park.


Our building is available for free during the weekdays for the Affiliate Groups. On weekends including Friday nights there is a nominal charge for renting space. We have other fees that are assessed for all events if food is served, an event is open to the public, alcohol is served, or there is a need for setting-up/breaking-down furniture. Please see our Prices for further information.

Community Rental Agreement

All our terms and conditions are listed in the Rental Agreement. If you have additional questions please contact us.

Function Rooms

There are 3 function rooms:

– Great Hall on the 2nd floor with a capacity of 130
The Great Hall is a ballroom styled room with an expansive 20-foot ceiling, large well-lit windows, and an open stage at one end.

– School Room is on the 1st floor with a capacity of 75
The School Room has beautiful hand-stenciled and painted walls, a showcase with historic artifacts found during the restoration, and 16-foot ceilings.

– Conference Room is on the 1st floor with a capacity of  30
The Conference Room has beautiful Victorian style decorated walls and makes an ideal location for classes and small meetings.

Rest Rooms

Separate Men and Women’s located in the lobby on the 1st floor.

Scheduling an Event

Please note, that all Affiliate Groups must  provide a non-refundable deposit for any paid rental event scheduled ahead by 4 months or longer.

Please go to Scheduling an Event for further information.