About Us

Have you attended the Town Caucus or a Cornerstone Forum lecture? Has your child enjoyed Friday Night at the Movies, or performed in a theater production like last summer’s The Addams Family? Has your teen rocked out at Jammin’ in the Red?

Then you’ve experienced just some of the many benefits that the Sherborn Community Center Foundation provides to the Sherborn and Dover communities.

From Scout meetings, to the many community organizations that make our community such a unique and wonderful place to live in, the Foundation provides all organizations the space and the place to function and prosper.

The Foundation manages and operates the Sherborn Community Center, located in the historic 1858 Townhouse. We provide A Place for Everyone – a central location to meet and conduct a wide range of community activities at minimal or in many cases no cost to these organizations. 

The Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization funded by contributions, private events, and rental income. If you have enjoyed any of the many events and activities at the Community Center, please help maintain this important community resource by making a tax-deductible contribution today.